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  • OGcloud

    OGcloud is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and a supported web browser. With OGcloud, OGsys hosts and maintains the servers, databases and code that constitute the OGpro application.

     In addition to allowing remote access via the web to the software applications and data, the OGcloud environment allows buyers to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee, which includes the software license, support and most other fees.

How do I choose?

We typically recommend OGcloud to small and medium size businesses with fairly straight forward business processes that are looking to reduce upfront expenses.

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What’s right for my business?

Get a grasp of any cloud-related expenses and then compare those numbers to what it might cost to run the same level of computing power in-house.

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Is my data safe in the Cloud?

OGsys has chosen Microsoft Azure® for our cloud vendor.  Azure Storage for files by default offers three copies of your data within the same data center. 

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