• OGsys Office Has Moved

    Despite the spate of bad weather this last week, OGsys successfully moved into its new offices and opened for business on February 23. Because of snow and ice on the roads, staff was able to finally see their new work areas on February 25.

  • OGsys Consulting – Here to Serve You!

    Over the years, our customers have asked for many types of support from OGsys. As customer requests increase, OGsys has continued to grow our consulting team to keep up with the expanding list of our offerings. Our consultants are highly skilled in the areas of Oil & Gas accounting and the efficient use of OGsql.

  • Employee Spotlight – Laurie Lewis

    For the past 2 ½ years, Laurie Lewis has been a sales representative for OGsys. She started in outside sales, bringing new clients in, but for the past year, she has been helping existing clients use OGsql modules to make the best use of the software.

  • Employee Spotlight – Stephanie Brown

    Meet Stephanie Brown, who is in our employee spotlight this month! Stephanie has been with OGsys for 4 years, starting out helping clients who called in for technical support, and moving to the development team a year later. Now, she works closely with development, software support and technical support teams, accelerating answers for clients, helping the support team solve client issues and answer their questions about the software.

  • For Clients Using Microsoft Sql Server Express

    If your company uses Microsoft’s free version of SQL Server (SQL Express), you must monitor your database sizes to ensure they do not approach the 10 GB limit that Microsoft allows. If your database is approaching this limit, you will need to purchase and install one of the full versions of SQL Server from Microsoft in order to avoid severe system issues that will occur when you reach that limit. This would be handled by your IT department and your Microsoft software vendor.

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