• Employee Spotlight – Gil Kleinwechter

    Gil Kleinwechter, a Business Analyst, has been with OGsys for 6 months after a 29-year career in IT. He is currently working on the development team for the upcoming OGsys software offering. His part of the development includes, among other things, writing up the requirements and removing roadblocks to a truly intuitive customer experience. The development team has been listening to customers about improvements to OGsql and issues they would like to have addressed, and have been incorporating better ways to do those things into the new software.

  • GL Reports for Multiple Companies...User Cutback Batchname Maintenance

    There are several ways to generate general ledger reports for multiple companies in one report such as with the Excel Multi-Company Trial Balance or a 230-Financial report where a ‘Fixed Company’ is specified in the column format. General ledger reports can also reference a company batch to include balances for the companies specified, showing the data for each company separately. But when a report is needed that consolidates multiple companies into a single report then a User Cutback Batch is needed.

  • DFW User Group Meeting Recap

    Last week’s DFW User Group meeting was a success! We hope that you enjoyed networking with other OGsys users and found the meeting content beneficial. If you were unable to attend the meeting, we certainly missed you and hope to see you at the next meeting.

  • Memo Company Entry

    Memo companies are used 2 ways: OPTION 1 – If your company has no interest in a revenue or expense deck, but you want to track the gross values/volumes, you can establish a memo company to store the gross information. OPTION 2 – If you want to maintain general ledger information for one of the owners in a revenue/expense deck, you can establish a memo company to gather that information.