• Executive Spotlight - Barbara Schweitzer, COO

    Barbara Schweitzer is the COO of OGsys. Growing up, she spent summer and winter breaks from high school and college working at the company. Barbara is also the fourth generation in her family to work in the oil & gas industry.

  • Disbursement Change History

    Need help understanding the Disbursement Change History Report? Look no farther than this month's technical article. The Disbursement Change History Report is used to view the change history created for deck changes and various other changes.  This report may also be used to check the continuity of the change history numbers. In order to take full advantage of this report, it is necessary to understand the different fields and options available.

  • Success Story: OGsys and EnergyLink Save Time & Money

    "Using EnergyLink in conjunction with the OGsql Purchaser Check Upload (PCX) to manage non-operated revenue statements has greatly streamlined our process and saved us critical time and money within our department."

  • Barclays Revised E&P Spending Predictions

    Our January "Thoughts" focused on the encouraging news from Barclays that energy companies were "expected to raise exploration and production (E&P) spending by 7% globally and, more impressively, North American companies were expected to raise their spending by 26% " in 2017. You can find additional details from January in our newsroom. Barclays revised their report this week and things are looking even better!

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