Extra Information Codes

The Extra Information Codes can be used in the 230 Financial Reports, the 250 Property Report and the 240 Property Sub-Ledger Report to show any extra Fields you may want to see that pertains to Well Maintenance.

These codes can be setup in the ‘Extra Information Maintenance’, located in the Master Maintenance & Ref. Listing > Property Maintenance > Extra Information Maintenance.

All reports may be found in the General Ledger Processing Module

230 report

1.       Check the box ‘Report Limited to Certain Properties’;

2.       Click on ‘Extra-Info Code’ and choose your Code

3.       Choose ‘Single Page for Each Well’

4.       The information will be shown in Column ‘B’ after each Well Code/Name

250 Report

With the 250 Report, you just need to click on the Search Box next to the ‘Extra Info Code’ than choose the Code you want to see.

After choosing the Code, you can then choose to have the information in a Separate Column or have it print in a single line under the Well Code/Name.

240 Report

In the 240 report, click on the Arrow button next to Extra-Info Code and choose the code you want to see in the Report.