Core Values & Mission Statement

Do you know your company’s core values and mission statement?  Perhaps they are on the wall, clearly stated in your employee handbook, or, like many small to mid-sized businesses, the values might be vague.  Last year we embarked on an important journey as a company: to identify and define our core values.  Though this was not an easy process, and in some ways, it is ongoing, we are building a better, stronger corporate culture anchored by these core values.  Over the coming weeks, we’d like to share a bit more about our values.  Specifically, we will share what our values are and how they are playing an active role in in our day to day business practices.  Our hope is that the better you get to know us, the stronger our relationship will become.   

If you have not previously developed a list of your own company values, there are hundreds of articles and resources online, but this 2015 Fortune article gives some great, well known company examples.