• Is a Cloud-based Solution the Same Thing as a Hosted Solution?

    As we move toward the release of OGpro, our cloud-based oil and gas accounting solution, we want to make sure that everyone understands the difference between a cloud-based solution and a hosted solution. Many technology experts and insiders use these terms interchangeably, so it is easy to understand why this confusion exists in the marketplace. Shoretel, a communications company, wrote an eloquent post about the differences using a very simple to understand analogy on their blog:

  • Disbursement Change History

    Need help understanding the Disbursement Change History Report? Look no farther than this month's technical article. The Disbursement Change History Report is used to view the change history created for deck changes and various other changes.  This report may also be used to check the continuity of the change history numbers. In order to take full advantage of this report, it is necessary to understand the different fields and options available.

  • Accrual Basis Reporting

    Did you know OGsql General Ledger reports can be generated by Accrual Basis to show balances by the GL Accounting month rather than by Journal date (transaction date/production month) or Cash date?

  • General Ledger Dates

    The full power of OGsys' reporting capabilities is realized when you understand the three dates that are utilized within the system.  Most of our report specifications allow a choice between Cash-Date Basis, Journal-Date Basis, and Accrual-Date Basis reports.

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